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Wooden Toy Cups and Balls Play Set
  • Wooden Toy Cups and Balls Play Set


    Cups and Balls sorting game is open-ended toy provides many different ways to play – tea party, kitchen accessory, rainbow stacker…with these “tools” and a dash of imagination the play possibilities are endless.

    Your little one will enjoy picking and placing colored balls into their corresponding cups. This set is great in enhancing fine motor skills and balance while discussing colors, numbers, and simple volume concepts.

    Set includes:

    • Rainbow colored wooden cups 2 inch (50 mm) tall - 8 pcs.
    • Rainbow colored wooden balls 1.2 inch (30 mm) diameter - 8 pcs.
    • Wooden stick bound with a twisted rope made of 100% cotton - 1 pcs.
    • Wooden bowl 4.3 inch (110 mm) - 1 pcs.
    • Wooden tweezers - 1 pcs.
    • Cotton drawstring bag for storage - 1 pcs.

    Product Detail: 

    • Linden wood.
    • Natural colored wax and oil for children's toys.



    • Wooden Product do not cover the wood structure with thick layer of paint and lacquer. My toys are velvety to the touch.
    • This item is 100% handmade so the color and size of the toy may differ slightly from the one on the photo. Colour may vary from that on the picture due to differences in monitor colour set up. Each toy is unique and inimitable.
    • Toys should not be submerged in water, use damp textile to wipe them.
    •  All my toys have been created in a smoke-free room.

    Made in Russia with LOVE

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