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JUNE 2024


MRS Ertha

from Portugal


A brand that started with the desire of a full-time mother to make her daughters' bedroom the perfect place for them to play and dream.

Mrs. Ertha was created in October 2020, as a project that aimed to fill a gap in the toy market: the lack of ethnic and racial representation. Our desire was to be able to give our daughters toys that represented them, and that helped them build their identity.

open Pre order from  18JUN- 23JUN


all about booksss


這次從台灣帶來認識情緖, 正面教養跟性教育的繪本

​每一本書也是店主親手為大家選擇, 當中有不少能安慰小孩跟家長的繪本, 希望能溫暖和滋潤每一位

open Pre order from  07may- 10may24

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