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Rolling Ball Cylinder Toy with Lacing Toy Pastel Balls
  • Rolling Ball Cylinder Toy with Lacing Toy Pastel Balls


    Babies love to study the movement of the balls and, when it is placed just out of their reach, begin to move towards the cylinder in order to get their hands on it. Babies also discover that picking up the cylinder and shaking it produces a sound. They love to practice this as they discover their actions have effects! The ball cylinder rolls very well on carpet or hard floor so that the child on the move can work their muscles and go after it.
    This Montessori toy can be sorted by color, and also stringed on a cord in a certain order, by learning to classify.
    The Montessori Educational toy will be very useful for the full and harmonious development of the baby.
    The simple and reliable design of Wooden Lacing will serve the child for many years.

    Product Detail:

    • Approximate size: 6.3" (160 mm) diameter x 4" (105 mm) tall.
    • Linden wood.
    • Natural colored wax and oil for children's toys.



    • Wooden Product do not cover the wood structure with thick layer of paint and lacquer.
    • My toys are velvety to the touch.This item is 100% handmade so the color and size of the toy may differ slightly from the one on the photo. Colour may vary from that on the picture due to differences in monitor colour set up.
    • Each toy is unique and inimitable.
    • Toys should not be submerged in water, use damp textile to wipe them.All my toys have been created in a smoke-free room.


    Made in Russia with LOVE

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