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Eco-Friendly Glitter
  • Eco-Friendly Glitter

    Our high-quality, ultra-fine Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Glitter is plant-based, 100% plastic and aluminum-free, and certified biodegradable while still offering the shimmer and shine you want in four gorgeous colors: gold, silver, bronze, and turquoise. It’s also certified cosmetic-grade and FDA compliant for use around the lips, so you can use it with confidence on your face & body, craft projects, and paintings. Get your sparkle on without harming Mother Earth! 



    gold, silver, bronze and turquoise.

    The glitter is available in 10 gram containers.



    100% 不含塑料和鋁,並經過認證可生物降解,同時仍然提供您想要的微光和光澤,有四種華麗的顏色:金色、銀色、青銅色和綠松石。 它還經過化妝品級認證,符合 FDA 標準,可用於唇部周圍,因此您可以放心地將其用於臉部和身體、工藝項目和繪畫。 在不傷害地球母親的情況下讓你閃閃發光!



     金、銀、青銅或綠松石。(每個10 克)





      This glitter is made from ethically-sourced biodegradable and compostable raw materials. The natural coating and special cellulose core are derived from hardwoods, primarily eucalyptus.

      Safety & Quality:

      Free of nuts, dairy, gluten, genetically-modified materials, and animal products. Sustainably-sourced materials from responsibly managed and certified plantations operating to PEFC™ standards. Not intended for consumption.


      This glitter is packaged 100% recyclable aluminum tins. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable, so it can be recycled without losing quality for use in other products.


      Dab or dust onto wet face paint or aloe vera gel applied to face or body.


      Add another coat of aloe vera gel on top of your glitter if you want it to be extra durable.

      Optional: Mix in Jar:

      Mix glitter with aloe vera gel in a small jar and apply this way. Will keep for up to 6 months.

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