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Bamboo building set 46 pcs

Bamboo building set 46 pcs

Looking for natural resources that can boost your child’s creativity and imagination? Then this beautiful set of unique blocks is the perfect choice. This bamboo construction set includes 46 pieces. This set comprises of 46 natural bamboo and wooden pieces in varying sizes. These blocks not only offer endless possibilities in construction but also offers opportunities for open ended play.


Construction play is an important part of a child’s growth and development. It offers children with the opportunity to create something as they manipulate various objects. As children explore these various objects, they are encouraged to put on their thinking hats and try and build or create something using their imagination. Construction play is an open-ended play that allows children to build freely as they bring their thoughts and ideas to life. It constantly stimulates a child’s brain thus promoting their growth and development. It offers plenty of opportunities for free expression.


As construction play offers a variety of opportunities to build and create, these experiences help build children’s self-confidence and also encourages their independent thinking. Children are also encouraged to make decisions on their own as they engage in these experiences. Construction play encourages children to engage with their peers and cooperate with one another to complete a task. It also promotes hand-eye coordination as children attempt to build or create something. Therefore, construction play plays a vital role in children’s development, and this is the perfect set for it.


Bamboo toys are among the best toys for kids nowadays. It is a natural and eco-friendly material. It is also light, strong and very resistant. Since it is made naturally, some blemishes do exist which is all part of the naturalism of the product. Each piece is carefully manufactured from natural bamboo and therefore differs in size, shape and colour. No two pieces are the same which adds to the beauty of the product. Bamboo is a non-toxic material which makes all the products safe for play suitable for different age groups.


Approx dimensions of product: Weight 3kgs.

Recommended for children aged 3+



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