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Alphabet Jigsaw Set
  • Alphabet Jigsaw Set

    Looking for an alphabet jigsaw set to develop your child’s literacy skills? This alphabet jigsaw set is the perfect learning tool to introduce your young ones to the letters of the alphabets. It includes 52 pieces consisting of the letters of the alphabet along with the corresponding picture to match each letter.

    As children explore these letters, they will begin to identify the letters of the alphabet which are beneficial for literacy and language development. Children can learn to write and form words by using these letters. Learning letters is extremely beneficial for children as letters form words and sentences and this is how we communicate with one another. Therefore, it is important to give children the opportunity to learn and recognize letters.

    Using the letters, you can introduce few letters at a time to your child until they are familiar with those ones and then you can slowly introduce the next few. Soon your child will be able to identify the letters as well as the corresponding objects that start with each letter to match them together. These alphabet jigsaw set is a great first introduction to letters for children and this in turn promotes their language and literacy skills.

    Approx dimensions of product: Weight 1.6kgs.

    Recommended age: 2+

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