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Adventure Tree House
  • Adventure Tree House

    Introducing the Big Adventure Treehouse – a whimsical haven for boundless imagination and endless play! Standing tall at 58cm and boasting a generous width of 46cm, this enchanting treehouse is the epitome of creativity and eco-friendliness. Crafted with care, it is a testament to our commitment to sustainability, as we proudly utilize recycled branches to construct this magical play structure. This treehouse includes furniture, a fence, stairs, leavers, a little house and a wooden car.

    This treehouse is an immersive experience designed to transport children into a world of make-believe. Picture your child’s delight as they discover the intricately designed furniture, fences, and a cozy little house within the treehouse. The recycled branches used in its construction lend an authentic, rustic charm to the structure, creating a connection to nature that enriches the play experience.

    Each detail of the treehouse has been thoughtfully crafted to spark creativity and storytelling. The recycled materials not only contribute to a greener environment but also provide a unique and textured finish to the treehouse, making it a distinctive addition to any playroom or backyard.

    Approx Dimensions: 48cm(L) x 39cm(W) x 50cm(H) – Weight: 6.2 kgs

    Box Dimensions: 50cm(L) x 42cm(W) x 47cm(H) – Weight: 7 kgs

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