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Petite Natural Earth Paint Kit (迷你版)
  • Petite Natural Earth Paint Kit (迷你版)

    Our best-selling, Petite Natural Earth Paint Kit creates a creamy, tempera-like paint when mixed with water. Just add more water to create brilliant watercolor-like paint! The rich, vibrant colors work perfectly on wood, rocks, fabric, paper, glass, and more! These paints are suitable for all ages, and are 100% washable. This kit makes up to 30 oz. of paint in total


    Our Petite Natural Earth Paint Kit Contains:

    • Six packets of hand-crafted, powdered vegan paint (each packet creates up to 5 oz. of paint depending on the amount of water added), including Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Brown
    • 1 bamboo paint brush


    我們最暢銷的 Petite Natural Earth 油漆套件與水混合後可產生奶油般的蛋彩畫般的油漆。 只需添加更多的水即可創造出絢麗的水彩畫般的顏料! 豐富、鮮豔的色彩完美適用於木材、岩石、織物、紙張、玻璃等! 這些塗料適合所有年齡段,並且 100% 可水洗。



    • 天然顏料 x 6(每包最多可產生 5 盎司塗料,取決於添加的水量),包括紅色、橙色、黃色、綠色、藍色和棕色
    • 竹製油漆刷


      Organic Corn starch, Gum Arabic, Natural Earth & Mineral Pigments

      Shelf Life:

      We recommend that you mix only as much as you need for each painting session. After the paint is mixed, it will stay fresh for 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator.

      Safety & Quality:

      Made in the USA. Free of nuts, dairy, and gluten. Cruelty-free. Not intended for consumption.


      This kit is packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled paper box and the paint is packaged in home compostable pouches. Post-consumer recycled paper eliminates the need to cut down new trees to create paper as it utilizes pre-existing material




      我們建議您在每次繪畫過程中僅混合所需的量。 油漆混合後,可在冰箱中保鮮 2-3 週。

      美國製造。 不含堅果、乳製品和麩質。 無動物測試
      該套件包裝在 100% 消費後再生紙盒中,油漆包裝在家庭可堆肥袋中。 消費後再生紙無需砍伐新樹木來製造紙張

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