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Bamboo Scoops set of 3
  • Bamboo Scoops set of 3


    These very handy and stylish bamboo scoops are perfect for water and sand play. They come in a set of 3, all in different sizes. Bamboo is durable and resilient which is perfect and safe for children to engage in play. These bamboo scoops will go well with our bamboo water and ball rack that is listed above. Using these scoops are the ideal tools for children to explore water as well and sand play.


    Sand play promotes creativity and imagination. Children can use the scoop to pick up sand or water and fill up the coconut bowls thus promoting the use of their gross motor skills and hand eye coordination. They can then use the wet sand to mould into different shapes or objects which promotes their creative skills. It also offers endless open-ended opportunities for children to explore their imagination. Imaginative play is when children enact an event or experience in their life that they have come across or found interesting. They then depict these events through these experiences.


    It allows them to create stories and explore new ideas as they connect with the world around them. Similarly open-ended play is also a kind of play that encourages children to freely express their creative thoughts and ideas. They express themselves using their words which promotes language development. These scoops therefore offer endless opportunities for children to explore their imagination and creativity.


    Accessories not included, Includes 3 bamboo scoops


    Approx dimensions of product: Weight 0.5kg.

    Recommended age: 2+

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