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From Big to small Geometric shape wooden board
  • From Big to small Geometric shape wooden board



    除了 一般形狀拼圖外, 這塊拼圖還能讓寶寶有大小概念,每個形狀由大至少排列,除了基本操作將形狀放回木盤外,供應商還特別掏空每個形狀的中間,可配合不同素材放入形狀內,例如:彩豆、小石頭、樹葉、果仁,等等⋯非常簡單又美美的sensory play set up! 最後還可以將最小的形狀一個一個放入更大的形狀裏面!一塊板多種玩法喔!


    This stunning wooden Board teaches your child sorting, nesting and stacking skills based on the “smaller-to-bigger” concept. This effective mix of linden and walnut wood contrast of the geometric shapes helps your child to faster recognise relations and differences between forms and sizes. To diversify the activity, bring some natural materials into the game, like rice, mini stones, dried leaves and herbs, nuts, etc. and fill out those wooden shapes!

    • 產品資訊 Product Info

      • 來自土耳其手製的木頭教具。
      • 椴木 / 胡桃木 製成
      • 產品均取得FSC 驗証
      • 每件木頭產品都是獨一無二,木紋或斑紋不會完全相同,托盤上有些位置因木材因素而帶有木屑,完美主義者勿拍。
      • 在土耳其經FSC檢驗合格製作,完成後外面有食品級蜂蠟塗層。


      • Made in Turkey 
      • Made from Linden and Walnut wood
      • Each of the wooden product is unique, thus every produced piece may quite often vary in colour and natural structural and discolouration patterns, than shown on images of our online store. Sometimes due to certain textural knots, the result of wood finishing may show cosmetic flaws, which do not at all downgrade functionality of the educational toy.
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